Why is it a “Good Friday?”

Growing up in a Christian home, we celebrated Easter every year and made the best family memories going to the Easter services, enjoying the Easter meal, and Easter Egg hunt. As I got older, I would always read the crucifixion account every year but never fully understood the significance of “Good Friday.” I enjoyed theContinue reading “Why is it a “Good Friday?””

When God is off the grid (part two)

This past summer, my family and I joined our extended family for a family reunion. We enjoyed the beautiful lake; we went boating and jet skiing and got to catch up with family members we haven’t seen in a while. But the one thing we didn’t have was simply a cellular or wifi connection. ItContinue reading “When God is off the grid (part two)”

The 5k of life and the importance of Community

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of going back to my alma mater to participate in a five-kilometer run (5k), which was part of their 50th-anniversary celebration! I try to be active every chance I get, so here was another opportunity to get active and to do something I’ve never done before. InContinue reading “The 5k of life and the importance of Community”

Song of the week (“Nobody” by Casting Crowns ft. Matthew West)

Song of the week by Casting Crown and Matthew West. First Verse “Why you ever chose me has always been a mystery all my life. I’ve been told I belong at the end of the line. Here is humility and aw of how grateful we need to be that even though we offer no significantContinue reading “Song of the week (“Nobody” by Casting Crowns ft. Matthew West)”

Missing the mark(Tips on your Christian walk)

  This past week, I did something I had never done before, which was ax throwing. As seen in the picture above, I did not get a bullseye; I missed the mark. With God’s target, everyone misses the mark. What is sin? The biblical definition of sin is something you think, say, or do thatContinue reading “Missing the mark(Tips on your Christian walk)”