Why you need to take your child to VBS?

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June is one of my favorite months of the year. The warm weather, the vacations I take with the family. However, I am eagerly waiting for that one week in June, known as VBS week AKA (Vacation Bible School). Here are reasons why every parent should take their children to VBS.

Friendship’s You get to VBS, and it may be your first time at VBS or even your first time in church period. You just kind of do your own thing, and then someone in your grade comes up to you and says “hey,” then instantly you hit it off so well that you know you have a new friend the rest of the week. Kids need friends; this past year or two, kids have had little to no social Interaction that kids are starving for that time again to play and hang out with their friends. I am a college student, and there was a long time where I too was wanting to hang out with friends; then, after months of staying home and not hanging out with anybody that over time I developed social anxiety that I became content with staying home because it seems as if I was almost scared to have that interaction again. Kids need those friendship’s and kids make friends at VBS.

Activities VBS has enough things for kids to do for all ages and likes, dislikes, and abilities. Those who are active have recreation time, those of you have an artistic child, we have arts and crafts if your child likes to sing and dance. The worship rally would most likely interest them because your child will be able to sing and learn cool dance moves to go along with the songs. VBS has many activities. And don’t get me started on about the snacks they get as well!

Learning Vacation Bible school has lots of activities and is so much fun, but it is also a week of learning. They learn about how to get along and work well with others. Still, they also get to go on a week-long journey and learn about a family or a group of people from another country that shows them how we live parallel lives or reminds them how much God has provided for them. They also go to the “Bible,” which is when they get to learn more about the day’s lesson in a smaller group. They get caught in the lesson, and then at the beginning of the week, they are handed out a bookmark of daily bible verses they are to memorize through the week. After each verse, they memorize some teachers will give them a prize and hope for a bigger prize at the end of the week for memorizing all of the bible verses. So you if you take your child to VBS, then your children will be learning.

Takeaway The summer is a great time for vacations but to take a week to drop off your kid/kids for a couple hours a day for one week to learn about the bible (God’s word) is even better.

Prayer If you do not have kids for whatever reason, I still encourage you to pray for each kid who comes to any VBS across the United States and the world. Pray that they would come to know God more, and then they can have that relationship with God. Pray also for all the leaders who have and will help with VBS because most do not need to be there but have a heart for kids and want to serve God! Every year, we sing “Yes to VBS, ” so I ask you if you will say yes to VBS by taking your kids to VBS; if not, pray that lives will be changed.

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